WC ve Lavabo
aft lav
Kabin Ölçüleri
4.80 x 5.20 x 10.60 (H-W-L)
Bagaj Kapasitesi
Maks. Kalkış Ağırlığı
100 lb
Kalkış Mesafesi
2460 fpm
Seyir Hızı
312 mph
Uçuş Mesafesi
Seyir İrtifası
28000 ft
Produced by Swearingen, the Merlin III twin turboprop aircraft is the ultimate utility aircraft available for private charter. The Merlin III is capable of carrying as much as 4,150 lbs of payload over a 1,585 nautical mile range, making it an ideal aircraft for business executives or companies transporting heavy cargo across the country. Inside the spacious cabin, the Merlin III can accommodate as many as 14 passengers in complete safety and total comfort. With a cruising speed of 312 knots, travelers know they will reach their destination safely and on time. Frequent charters of the aircraft include charter flights to Los Angeles from San Diego.

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