Yolcu Kapasitesi
WC ve Lavabo
Kabin Ölçüleri
4.50 x 5.30 x 12.70 (H-W-L)
Bagaj Kapasitesi
Maks. Kalkış Ağırlığı
602 lb
Kalkış Mesafesi
1234 fpm
Seyir Hızı
180 mph
Uçuş Mesafesi
Seyir İrtifası
10,000 ft
Known as the work horse of single engine turbo-props, the Cessna Caravan/Grand Caravan 208B charter turboprop has the strength and authority of a powerful 675hp Pratt and Whitney engine and the ability to carry 3,049 lbs of weight. Cessna Caravan's proven safety record brings a new level of confidence to the 'go-anywhere Caravan' travel experience. Typical cabin configuration of the Caravan allows ample room for seven passengers to relax comfortably in its spacious cabin on jet charter flights from Miami to Washington D.C. Its capability of being modified for amphibious take-offs and landings makes the Cessna Caravan the ideal aircraft for the Outdoorsman. A range of 946 nautical miles and cruising speeds in excess of 180 knots puts you just moments away from even the most remote and hard to reach game.

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