WC ve Lavabo
aft lav
Kabin Ölçüleri
5.40 x 5.50 x 13.50 (H-W-L)
Bagaj Kapasitesi
Maks. Kalkış Ağırlığı
2590 lb
Kalkış Mesafesi
2176 fpm
Seyir Hızı
425 mph
Uçuş Mesafesi
Seyir İrtifası
41000 ft
The Beechcraft Premier 1A charter aircraft is a phenomenal business light jet perfect for the busy executive. With a twin engine Williams FJ44-2A power plant, a composite fuselage and a swept wing design, this aircraft is a natural choice when considering chartering a private jet. At an operating altitude of 41,000 feet, the Premier 1A soars over any inclement weather and climb at a rate of 2,176 feet per minute. The 77-cubic-feet of storage space can easily accommodate bulky luggage items. The Premier 1A boasts a range of 787 nautical miles, a cruising speed of 456 mph and comfortable seating for up to six passengers. The Premier 1A combines speed and comfort, complete with an aft lavatory, which make it the ideal aircraft for the business executive who needs to travel from Orlando, FL on a private jet to Teterboro, New Jersey for business or pleasure.

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